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We're here to put creativity and creative thinking front and centre
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Right at the start. Right at a time when it's needed most.

We are a young business born out of frustration and a passion to push the boundaries of creative education for young people.

The SCHOOL OF BOB aims to drive change and champion creative education in the UK. We want to provide an authentic platform where kids are able to exercise their creative muscles and improve their mental and social capabilities.

Ultimately the SCHOOL OF BOB wants to be the catalyst that channels children towards a more positive and creative future, giving them the confidence they need to become their best selves.

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In search of a brighter future


Britain has undoubtedly a prolific history of producing incredibly creative and ingenious people whose work and ideas have enriched our lives, our economy and our society as a whole.

Today however, times are certainly... well, uncertain.

The creative services are, and will be, one of Britain’s only truly future-proof export, and yet, astonishingly, the arts and creative subjects are being squeezed out of the national curriculum.

Sad, short-sighted, but true.

In short, creativity is being sidelined, and in our view, so will our children's prospects. So for their sake, we’re putting creativity and creative thinking front and centre. After all, a healthy and lateral thinking mind is, and will be, far more valuable, than a mind that has blunted by traditional learning⁣.

We want to change the way people think about creativity and we want to encourage children to embrace it.⁣

The SCHOOL OF BOB is our way of achieving this.⁣

So, join us, follow us, support us.

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A family of creative people.

We're like you; wanting the best for all concerned, trying to make something special happen.

Husband-and-wife duo, Bob and Claire Durbridge-Sakoui are at the heart of S.O.BOB, bringing together their experience from the world of design, advertising, fashion styling, brand communications, and of course... family life!

They, along with a network of wonderfully talented people are currently working to get the SCHOOL OF BOB off the ground and into the mainstream.

We're steadily building up this new venture and currently looking to connect with like minded businesses, groups and organisations to support us, so if you happen to be interested and would like to have a chat please drop us a line here!

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